Hello, Blogosphere!

Am I blogging because I want to blog? Or am I blogging because I feel compelled to?

I feel compelled.

I’m Zoey, and I love words. I love to read, write, learn, and communicate with these written fragments of thought that can say so much when combined in precisely the right manner.

I don’t write enough.

I’m in Criminology. Currently doing my M.A. in Criminology, to be precise, so I write quite a lot. However, the majority of this writing is not creative – although the conclusions I am making may be! I miss being able to write about thrill. Horror. Adrenaline. The deep, dark recesses of my imagination. I also miss writing about the flip side – that ecstatic, confused, schizophrenic sprite in my chest that so frequently spreads her wings and screams into the sky to express joy at just being alive. Sometimes her shouts vibrate through my veins and chase away the darkness hunkered in my imagination. Sometimes they don’t.

Do I want to blog? Yes. Do I feel I have to? Yes. So what will come of this?

I have two purposes, and they conflict.

1) Show the world who I am. Show people who want to know what I am capable of, how my mind works; show them that I can critically deconstruct and unpack the world around me, that I have something worthwhile to say.

2) Convince the world I am worth knowing, and therefore hold back much of what I am passionate about.

We’ll see how this goes.

Hello, Blogosphere.

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