Google Thinks Rape and Sex are Synonymous?!

… at least, that’s my conclusion after my innocent Googling experience today.

A professor of mine, Dr. Hannem, posted an article about a recent episode of Mad Men. Don Draper, the main character, was given a rape history, but for some reason it didn’t make any waves, nor was it really addressed or labelled as rape. Because, of course, there are crazy double-standards for sexual assault.

This made me think of an episode of Lost Girl that really bothered me. Lost Girl is a fun, cheesy, totally escapist-awesome Toronto-based television show on Showcase. Lost Girl features Bo, a succubus, and there is (predictably) a LOT of sex in the show. However, in one scene, Bo is desperate for energy – which she gets from having sex – walks into a pizza parlour with her friend, and seduces the worker there completely against his will.

The poor guy fully backs up, puts his hands up, shakes his head and everything, but the music and the framing are all “Haha, lucky guy, free sex!”

Ugh. Really rubbed me the wrong way. After reading this (really wonderful) Don Draper article, I wondered if anyone had written about this in Lost Girl, or at least immortalized the scene onto Youtube so I could do so.

Google: lost girl rape scene.



I don’t even know what to do with myself. Is this a thing? Does Google really think rape and sex are synonymous? As you can see, the word ‘sex’ is bolded, as if it was one of my search terms. Also, most of these hits are about Bo’s lesbian relationship (but that’s probably more about the people who spend their time making these clips than Google itself). Obviously, a Google search of just the word ‘rape’ only turns up a bunch of articles about rape. I wonder where this line is drawn?

Does anyone know anything about this? Is this a thing? Googling something about rape being synonymous with sex didn’t lead to results, but that’s a pretty hard one to word. This has just blown me away. Ugh, Google. Total fail.