The Elusive Teacher of Quebecois French!

Sometimes it’s just so hard to focus, isn’t it?

I have a few things on my plate right now, and they are (predictably) much more attractive to deal with than this presentation I should be concocting.

First question for any readers out there: How the hell do you learn Quebecois French when you aren’t in high school?!

I’m interested in doing a PhD at a school that requires you to pass passively in French at the end of the four year program. I want to work in Ottawa and/or in government, both of which essentially require French. Almost every plan of mine requires that I learn French.

Learning Parisian French would be just embarrassing, but the majority of tutors and self-learning programs/books teach Parisian French. Yes, tutors in Ontario teach Parisian French. Random and weird, I know.

So, what do I do? This dilemma is way more fun than working on my presentation…. although my topic is getting a bit more fun.